Dental Emergencies and Trauma

Those dental emergencies and trauma situations in Spartanburg, SC are unfortunately a rite of passage for many kids and parents. Teeth aren’t always as durable as you think, especially “baby teeth” or newly emerged adult teeth. They’re still growing, and an exciting pickup game of basketball, hide and seek, or a stumble can all lead to an urgent dental call. You never know when disaster might strike, and acting quickly can make the difference between saving a tooth and a dental restoration.

There are many types of dental traumas and they often look worse than they are. It’s always best to save a tooth, and that might be possible even if the tooth is knocked out of the mouth. However, you have to act fast. Find the tooth if you can, rinse it with tap water briefly and place it gently back in the socket if your child is agreeable. If not, put it in a small container with your child’s saliva or milk—these two options are best at preserving a tooth. Call Sparkle City Dental immediately, because you only have a couple of hours to prevent the Tooth Fairy from arriving.

Less Serious Dental Emergencies Matters

In addition to knocked out teeth, tooth trauma can include a loose tooth, “bruised” tooth, chipped teeth and varying degrees of cracks. Many times, a traumatized tooth looks scary, but is actually pretty painless and not urgent.

However, chips and cracks that expose nerves can hurt quite a bit. Fast action is often recommended, and a filling or restoration can instantly get rid of the pain. Sometimes cracks are big and obvious, but other times hairline fractures might be hiding after a trauma. Any time your child complains of tooth pain, whether after an accident or not, it’s wise to get Sparkle City Dental counsel. That tiny crack might be an opening for an infection.

Saving the Day with Dental Emergency Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina

The odds of your child surviving their youth without a tooth issue are slim to none. From biting down on a treat the wrong way to horsing around with their friends, teeth take a real beating. When that results in tooth trauma, rely on Sparkle City Dental to save the day.