Dental Exams & Cleaning

You only wish your exam and dental cleaning in Spartanburg, SC was like this! At Sparkle City Dental, routine dental appointments are fast, and fun. After all, nothing else sets a foundation for a lifetime of good oral care. But first thing’s first: Those digital X-rays. Once everyone, including the patient, has Superman’s powers of X-ray vision, it’s time to get down to business. For many pediatric patients, the exam is only visual. This includes looking at teeth with a special mirror to check for signs of plaque buildup, emerging teeth, cavities or angry gums.

In other instances, the exam might include some minor plaque scraping to see how stubborn it is. Periodontal disease is present in a small percentage of dental patients, and in rare cases gum “pockets” are checked to see how deep the problem is. However, all of these exam techniques are not scary. It can be a little awkward for young patients, but with dentists and hygienists explaining every tool and procedure your child will be a pro by the time the fluoride treatment rolls around.

Dental Cleanings Make Next to Perfect School Pictures

Dental cleanings for smaller patients are a lot faster, more comfortable and tastier than adult appointments! Most young patients don’t need deep cleanings since there just isn’t the same level of buildup or disease—even after an epic candy binge. Plaque removal is fairly easy for most. And that polishing? It comes with a delicious flavored, special toothpaste.

There’s minimal picking or scraping with an exam and cleaning. It doesn’t take long, especially with that special chairside manner Sparkle City Dental crews have. Some young patients prefer Mom or Dad to accompany them, and that’s perfectly fine. Others have an independent streak, and that’s great, too. Sparkle City Dental appointments are all about mixing education with fun and a healthy mouth.

Getting a Head Start with Dental Exams in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Everyone at every age benefits from keeping those annual or bi-annual appointments. Even the best at-home dental regimen isn’t enough to afford skipping an exam and cleaning. Issues pop up, like impacted wisdom teeth or plaque problems in hard to reach places. With a Sparkle City Dental exam and cleaning, it’s like getting a cheat sheet for oral health.