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As your local, go-to dental office, our team of kid’s dentists is committed to making your family or child’s dental appointment as fast, efficient and fun as possible. At Sparkle City Dental, our South Carolina family and children’s dentists set the bar high. The latest, state of the art equipment is at our dentists’ fingertips. Dentistry is a lifelong practice for patients and dental crews alike. Together, we’ll partner up and form the ultimate oral hygiene team.

Teaching patients proper care from their first tooth through their wisdom teeth eruption in high school? That’s our kind of dentistry

A lot of people (and especially kids!) mistakenly dread their dental visits. Maybe it’s from horror stories spreading through their schools like The Telephone Game, or perhaps it was from an earlier visit with another dentist. At Sparkle City Dental, comfort comes first. Remember the golden rule of tooth care: Dentists relieve pain, they don’t cause it. Whether it’s a routine exam and cleaning or an urgent trip post-trauma, Sparkle City Dental is here for you!

A Sparkling Life 

While a sparkling smile is an indicator of oral health and a great source for self-esteem, there’s more to a megawatt grin than good looks and solid dental health. Those annual or bi-annual children’s dentist appointments help prevent a host of other diseases, too. Oral health is tied to other bodily issues ranging from heart disease to diabetic complications. The mouth-body connection is strong, and taking care of it starts in the childhood stage.

Luckily for families in Spartanburg, SC, Sparkle City Dental is at your service. We’re committed to educating and informing patients and their families from the first appointment. Everyone could use a refresher course on brushing techniques every year, learning how to floss properly and how to choose the best toothpaste or fluoride rinse for home. Oral health is a team effort, and preventative care can minimize risk, cost and pain.

Dentistry You Can Really Smile About

Whether it’s your child’s first trip to the dentist, it’s been a while since their last visit or you’re worried about a particular issue, Sparkle City Dental can save the day. Kick-start the beginning of a fantastic dental relationship now. Your family deserves a family dentist that comes with a sparkling reputation.