Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays aren’t like your grandfather’s X-rays—and in Spartanburg, SC, patients are in for a real treat. These X-rays are faster, instantly showing up on X-ray tech’s screens the moment they’re snapped. They’re a lot safer, with minimal radiation (you’re at a bigger radiation risk standing next to the microwave!). They’re much more comfortable since the odds of getting a clear image is phenomenally better compared to old school X-ray technology. But the best part? They give your dentist, your child and you a clear image of what’s happening below the gumline.

Digital images can reveal a lot, like whether wisdom teeth are coming in at the right angle or just how much “bad pulp” is festering in roots well below the surface. It’s why every appointment with Sparkle City Dental starts off with getting X-ray vision. There’s no waiting for images or settling for “good enough” results. Seconds after images are taken, dentists share them with patients and parents so a plan of action can be formed. Chipped teeth, cavities, fillings and emerging teeth are all easily spotted—and taken care of when necessary.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays for Spartanburg, South Carolina Children

There was a time when dental appointments could stretch out for hours just because it took so long to get those X-rays. There was an era when cavities were missed because of blurry images. There was even an age when wisdom teeth tried to erupt impacted since X-rays weren’t clear enough to spot early signs of trouble. Luckily, your children will never have to deal with this wasted time or discomfort. Digital X-rays are crystal clear so nary a cavity, crack or crisis is missed.

The odds of your child having perfectly healthy, straight teeth with zero trauma is slim to none. That’s okay, because there are many treatments that are fast, pain-free and very affordable. However, spotting trouble signs as early as possible is key. One of your dentist’s best tools is digital images, which gives them superhero powers. After all, an early cavity is much easier to treat than one that’s had time to “grow”.

Dental X-Rays are A Cool Way to Start an Appointment

Young patients who are worried about their dentist trip are put at ease with digital X-rays. There’s no discomfort, and it’s pretty cool to kick off the appointment by seeing what’s really going on in their mouth. Spotting those adult teeth lurking below the surface or the bright glow of an old filling is an awesome start to the appointment.