Family Dental Services

Looking for family or children’s dentistry in Spartanburg, SC? You’ve discovered a real gem with Sparkle City Dental. Every single member of our team is dedicated to working with families to keep your child happy, healthy and with a smile that’s worthy of ordering extra school picture copies. As an adult, it’s probably been quite awhile since you sat in the dental chair—but don’t worry. Sparkle City Dental believes your child’s smile is a team effort.

The golden rule of dentistry is to relieve pain, never cause it. It’s understandable that some patients are wary of seeing the dentist. Those picks can be frightening, the sounds may be off-putting and not knowing what to expect can be the scariest thing of all! Sparkle City Dental understands and knows that education, transparency and a fun environment are key to good dentistry for life. From the time your child is teething until they (might!) battle cavities or wisdom teeth in high school, this team of pros is at your service every step of the way.

Your Dental Foundation

Kind of like going to the gym, the toughest part of dentistry is simply getting there. That’s easy with Sparkle City Dental. We specialize in comfort, speed and superior dental work. Plus, every tool and piece of equipment is completely de-mystified.

Dentistry should be fun for patients. Those routine exams and cleanings are what set the stage for a lifetime of great dental care. However, it’s not always all fun and games. Treating dental trauma and emergencies requires fast action, saving teeth when possible and sometimes choosing the best option for dental restorations. Being a kid is tough, but with Sparkle City Dental on your side no recess stumble or PE accident will stop your child from smiling.

At Sparkle City Dental, every team member is committed to dentistry. Your child’s smile is part of what makes them special—and our passion is keeping it healthy, bright and sparkling.