Orthodontic Treatment for Adolescents in Spartanburg, SC


Orthodontic treatment to create a beautiful and healthy smile is tremendously valuable. Whether you have severe orthodontic needs or mild misalignment, orthodontic treatment can provide a lifetime of benefit with a healthy and beautiful smile. For most people, the best time to begin treatment is in the early teenage years when they are losing their last few primary teeth. This timing is ideal for several reasons:

  • The adult teeth can be moved into their ideal position for optimal function and esthetics early before any uneven tooth wear occurs. Starting too early, however, can greatly increase the total time in braces while waiting for eruption of the adult teeth.
  • The supporting structures such as the gum tissues, muscle, jaw bones, and jaw joints are still readily adaptable to the movement of the permanent teeth.
  • Bone metabolism and growth is occurring at a rapid rate so movement of the teeth occurs relatively quickly compared to adults

Orthodontists are experts in occlusion (how the teeth fit together) and smile esthetics. They use a variety of effective tools to move teeth. These include:

  • Metal Braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • High tech wires
  • Clear aligners such as Invisalign or clear correct aligners
  • Retainers with wires and springs

Each of these tools has their strengths and limitations. With advanced training and access to all available treatment techniques, our orthodontist and his team can review your child’s needs and customize a treatment plan that will be most effective and desirable for you. If you or your dentist think you may benefit from orthodontic treatment talk to your child’s dentist or orthodontist in Spartanburg. Our orthodontic team is ready to help!

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