Fluoride Treatments

Anyone of any age can benefit from fluoride treatments in Spartanburg, SC—however, it’s most beneficial for young patients under the age of 16. As a child, teeth are still “growing” and soaking up those good, natural minerals found in food and water. Fluoride treatments can help strengthen teeth and, in small patients, genuinely become a part of permanent, adult teeth. However, even in adults, an in-office fluoride treatment can be very beneficial. They help improve enamel, making teeth more capable of fighting off those daily acid attacks from coffee, fruits, sodas and other treats.

The good news for Spartanburg, SC residents is that fluoride is indeed being added to the drinking water. However, it’s not “enough” to make growing teeth as strong as they could be. It’s a great idea to use fluoride toothpaste and/or a home fluoride rinse, but nothing compares to the strength and benefits of Sparkle City Dental’s fluoride treatment. Once or twice per year can give your child’s teeth the boost necessary for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Fluoride Treatments Help Preserve Enamel

A person only has so much enamel on their teeth. You can’t “grow it back”, and even a number of healthy foods and drinks can erode enamel. However, fluoride treatments give teeth the added durability and strength necessary to stay healthy longer, fight enamel erosion and even prevent dental restoration procedures in some cases. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that’s safe and effective—but there’s only so much fluoride you can safely get from organic sources.

Getting professional dental treatments is a patient’s best defense against weak teeth and disappearing enamel.

Spartanburg, South Carolina has Fluoride in the Water

In Spartanburg, residents are lucky to have fluoride added to the water. However, it’s still not enough and getting an in-office fluoride treatment is crucial for children to get their best head start on oral hygiene. Strong, fluoride rich teeth are the best way to enjoy foods, prevent erosion and keep natural teeth for life. It’s never too early or late to start fluoride “treat”ments, especially when an easy application is truly the icing on the cake of a dental appointment.